1. Lao IT Channel App Now Release

    Now, Lao IT Channel App For Google Chrome is release in the Chrome Web Store, Let try it out, if you have any problem feel free to contact me admin@souliyo.com.

    Download: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nghmhgnellmehoanbenomhlpfffnaole

    Lao IT Channel Extension

    This is for my website subscriber to read and update all the new articles. you just click on the icon on the panel of google chrome when you have my extension in your browser.

    you can download in the Chrome Web store by searching this keyword “Lao IT Channel” and by this link : Here

    Lao Droid Theme For Google Chrome

    This theme just made for Android Fan and other who wanna use, It is Power by Gmail theme and this is my first theme in Chrome web store too. I hope all of user who using this theme will love it and just give me some comment that will be good.

    For this theme you can download in Chrome Web Store right now by searching this Keyword “Lao Droid” or you can click on link to be download for you google Chrome Click Here>>